Talent Recruitment

As an international company undergoing fast growth with a large overseas portfolio under its management, CIC recruits experienced professionals with international investment management experience and a good grasp of Chinese culture and perspectives. We offer an extraordinary platform for professionals to give full play to their talents and develop their careers.

We operate a fair, rigorous and transparent recruitment process globally. All candidates must apply through our online recruitment system. After initial screening, candidates are invited to take an online test. Those who pass the online test are shortlisted for interviews. To enhance the rigor and fairness of the selection process, we introduced a multi-dimensional assessment methodology, inviting external human resource experts to participate in the interview. Candidates applying for positions of managing director or above are interviewed by the senior executives.

To attract and retain key talent, we have a talent database to keep potential candidates in reserve for mid-level and senior executive positions. This allows us to respond quickly to demands for more targeted and professional recruitment. We also use external human resource agents to search for the talent we need.

As of June 30, 2016, our overall staff strength was 592, including global investment staff of 466. Among global investment staff, more than 60% of them educated or having worked overseas.