Talent Development

CIC sets a premium on developing talent. In line with our growth strategies and human resource development goals, we adhere to the principles of effective service, comprehensive coordination, specific design and pragmatic training. We constantly improve the training system and methods and launch diversified and systematic training programs for staff at all levels to help them improve their professional, management and leadership skills. High-caliber staff are key to our corporate governance.

We work with prestigious universities and professional institutions from China and abroad to leverage both in-house and external resources. We develop training programs focusing on both theory and practice. We bring in trainers and send trainees abroad. We conduct training online and face-to-face programs. Those training programs offer different perspectives and systematic learning, and target employees at different levels and in different fields. Gradually, we have developed a training system tailored to the human resource development of the company.

To help newly graduated employees become outstanding in their performance and integrity, the Counselor Initiative has a Mentorship Program to communicate CIC values one-on-one. This prepares graduates for their transition to business professionals, while tapping the potential of the mentors.

In 2015, CIC conducted 112 training programs with the participation of 854 individuals and 2,800 days of training in cumulative terms.

  • Selected Corporate Training Programs
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Team building and management
  • Training for young employees
  • Investment capabilities
  • Risk management
  • Corporate governance
  • Professional certification
  • Introductory program
  • Financial and business language training