As China's sovereign wealth fund, we continued to enhance international understanding of our mission and purpose, boost our image as a valuable partner and a responsible global institutional investor, and promote free, open and orderly flows of capital and cross-border investments.

As a charter member of the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF), CIC has implemented Generally Accepted Principles and Practices — the Santiago Principles in good faith and actively participated in the IFSWF. CIC is committed to facilitating the wider acceptance of the Santiago Principles, engaging in investment and risk management cooperation among sovereign wealth funds, and contributing to the improvement of the global investment environment.

Shortly after its founding, CIC drew upon the practices of international peers and started to establish a multi-tiered communication platform comprising an official website, annual reports, company spokesperson, press releases, and social media accounts. Through this platform, the company ensures prompt disclosure of information on organizational structure, investment objectives, corporate governance, investment strategies and philosophy, key investment projects, changes in management, operating results and profits. Our efforts at prompt and comprehensive disclosure are widely appreciated by recipient countries or regions and business partners.

Over the years, CIC has evolved an extensive and high-level global cooperation network that brings together government agencies, financial regulators, peer companies, investment experts, and media outlets. It has established close contacts and exchanged visits with foreign political dignitaries, officials from international organizations, senior executives of business partners, peer institutions, and academics.

Since inception, CIC, as a market-oriented, commercial and professional entity with a global reach, has capitalized on its frontrunner position in global financial markets to participate in many high-level diplomatic events and bilateral and multilateral dialogues and mechanisms. CIC is committed to improving global governance through effective communication and open dialogue. On many occasions, we have shared the Chinese perspective and called for building an open, fair, and nondiscriminatory global investment environment that protects the legitimate rights and interests of investors.

For more information on the IFSWF, other sovereign wealth funds and the Santiago Principles, please refer to the Forum's official website: www.ifswf.org