As China's sovereign wealth fund, we continued to enhance international understanding of our mission and purpose, boost our image as a valuable partner and a responsible global institutional investor, and promote free, open and orderly flows of capital and cross-border investments.

As a charter member of the IFSWF, CIC has implemented Generally Accepted Principles and Practices — the Santiago Principles in good faith and actively participated in the IFSWF. CIC is committed to facilitating the wider acceptance of the Santiago Principles, engaging in investment and risk management cooperation among sovereign wealth funds, and contributing to the improvement of the global investment environment.

From the outset, CIC has fostered a high degree of transparency, a practice appreciated by recipient countries or regions and business partners. Through its official website, annual reports, spokesperson, press releases, and other channels, CIC discloses key operational and management information on corporate governance, investment strategies and philosophies, major investment activities, executive personnel changes, investment performance, and so on.

Going forward, CIC will remain committed to expanding global outreach through active and effective dialogues and cooperation. It will continue to observe in good faith the Santiago Principles and prove to be a reliable, professional, responsible and respected world-class institutional investor.

For more information on the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds, other sovereign wealth funds and the Santiago Principles, please refer to the Forum's official website: www.ifswf.org