Decision-making Process

Since its inception, CIC has established a scientific, disciplined, and effective decision-making framework. CIC Capital was launched in 2015, and CIC's overseas investment structure was adjusted accordingly. CIC International conducts public market equity and bond investments, hedge fund and real estate investments, and private equity fund investments, co-investments, and minority investments. CIC Capital is mandated to make direct investments and manage bilateral, multilateral and platform fund investments. Based on these adjustments, the Investment Committee of CIC International (the Investment Committee) and the Investment and Management Committee of CIC Capital (the Investment and Management Committee) were established within the two arms to make investment decisions separately. In addition, to enhance the efficiency and quality of investment decision-making and to clarify project management responsibilities, investment authorization plans are formulated to grant discretionary authority to investment teams.

Formulating investment policies, strategies, and performance and risk targets in line with the guidelines defined by the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, the Investment Committee and the Investment and Management Committee also revise or formulate their own investment policies and processes, regularly hold meetings (ad hoc sessions when necessary) to review the investment proposals submitted by investment departments and make their decisions, which are implemented by related senior executives and investment departments and teams.

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